[Video] How to Determine Your Cost of Health Insurance Under Obamacare

Today, the federal government released some data on the cost of premiums under Obamacare. I spent several hours this morning looking at government websites in an effort to determine just how much health insurance will cost. It turned out to be so convoluted that I decided to put together a video to walk through the […]

How I Make a Full Time Living as a Freelance Writer & How You Can, Too

Since I started freelance writing – nearly four years ago now – people have been intrigued by my job. “So what is it that you do?” “You actually get paid for that?” “How do you find work?” I hear these questions frequently from potential freelancers, incredulous 9-to-5er’s, and concerned friends and family members. Whether you’re […]

Should You Ever Borrow to Pay Off Existing Debt?

At first glance, the question seems preposterous. Why would you ever borrow to pay off an existing debt? Wouldn’t the net result be the same? Actually, borrowing cash to pay off debt is more common than you might think. And that was exactly the question Barbara, a subscriber to my weekly newsletter, asked (you can […]

8 Awesome Online Forums for Personal Finance and Investing

Recently I’ve been spending a lot of time on personal finance and investing forums. As a blogger, forums are an excellent source of information. They let you know what questions people are asking about money. And the better forums have really thoughtful answers and resources. Learn More Wealthfront Review If you came here, probably you have […]

How I Got Out of Debt in Less Than Two Years

Hi, my name is Ben, and I’m a debtor. Or at least, I used to be. Two years ago I had $3,000 of credit card debt and didn’t know how to pay it off. I was lucky that I had some powerful things on my side in my fight against debt (more on this in […]

The Definitive Financial Checkup for 30-Somethings (Part 1)

I get a lot of email from subscribers to our free weekly newsletter. It’s a great opportunity to connect with people and to share ideas about ways to improve our finances. Recently, a subscriber named Wanda emailed me with the following question: I am married and my husband and I are in our early thirties. […]