5 Debt Lessons from the Wizard of Oz

Breaking free from the clutches of debt is one of the most difficult yet rewarding challenges in all of personal finance. So when my good friend Ben from Money Smart Life had an interesting twist on debt he wanted to share, I jumped at the chance. Oh, and he’s a recently published author on the […]

The Idiot’s Guide to Creating a Budget That Actually Works

Do you live in fear of overdrawing your checking account when several bills come due? Do you carry a credit card balance because you’re living beyond your means? Do you have no idea where your money is going each month? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you need to learn to budget. […]

Our Rehab and House Flipping Story (Part 2)

The rehab is now underway on our investment property. As you might recall, my brother and I bought a HUD home that we are flipping. The plan is to have the house on the market over the next few weeks. In order to determine if this was a good investment we had to consider three […]

14 Ways to Lower Your Gas and Electric Bill

Photo: danxoneil Looking for ways to lower your gas and/or electric bill? These days, who isn’t? We’ve covered many ways to save energy in an earlier post, but I want to highlight some other great ways to save. These simple, creative or long-term solutions can help you cut your energy bills. Before you start implementing […]