How to Create a Budget That Actually Works

Have you ever struggled to budget? Do you think there’s no way you can track all your expenses? You can! Here’s an easy way to create a budget that works. Do you live in fear of overdrawing your checking account when several bills come due? Do you carry a credit card balance because you’re living […]

Our Rehab and House Flipping Story (Part 2)

The rehab is now underway on our investment property. As you might recall, my brother and I bought a HUD home that we are flipping. The plan is to have the house on the market over the next few weeks. In order to determine if this was a good investment we had to consider three […]

14 Ways to Lower Your Gas and Electric Bill

Looking for ways to lower your gas and/or electric bill? These days, who isn’t? We’ve covered many ways to save energy in an earlier post, but I want to highlight some other great ways to save. These simple, creative or long-term solutions can help you cut your energy bills. Before you start implementing these energy-saving […]