7 Steps to Take Before Buying Your First Home

Buying your first home is exciting, but it can also be a little overwhelming. Credit checks. Mortgage applications. Home listing after listing after listing. Where do you begin? With these seven steps, of course. 1. Research Prices in Your Area This is something many first-time home buyers don’t do. But skipping this step can result […]

How to Maximize your Employer’s 401(k) Match

Free money is free money no matter how you look at it. Can you believe that every year millions of employees miss out on their employer’s 401(k) match? This is the best kind of free money because you don’t have to do much to take advantage. So what do you have to do? Simply be […]

Important Facts about Mortgage Debt Forgiveness

Photo: 401(K) 2013 If you’ve been through hell and back with your mortgage, having part of that mortgage forgiven by your lender may seem like a blessing. Until tax time, that is. Before the housing market bottomed out and mortgage debt was being forgiven left and right, tax time could be a huge problem for […]

How to Get Health Insurance if You’re Self-Employed

Shopping for health insurance if you’re self-employed is a lot like purchasing other types of insurance. There are many terms to understand, coverage types to compare, and options for where to buy a policy. But buying health insurance feels different than searching for auto insurance — after all, both your health and financial well-being depend […]

How I Clobbered the Market in 2012

About three years ago I did the unthinkable–I started investing in individual stocks. As a long-term, buy and hold, index fund investor, dipping my toe in the deep end of the pool was unnerving. But there I was, buying shares of Citi in my SEP IRA that I have with Scottrade. There were two reasons […]

The Future of Mobile Banking

Mobile banking apps make banking and managing finances more convenient and less time consuming. They also reduce the need for working with loads upon loads of paper, like all those forms you need to fill out in brick-and-mortar banks. The most common activities performed by mobile banking app users include scanning and depositing checks, monitoring […]