5 Tips to Invest Wisely in a Second Home

Clark Howard says, “Second homes are the best deal in a distressed real estate market.” And that’s especially true right now when housing in many vacation-home destinations has bottomed and mortgage rates are at an all time low. But how do you invest with confidence when you’re not from the area and unfamiliar with the […]

Reader Question: What it Means to Pay the Lowest Balance First

In the past we’ve talked about the debt snowball. Basically it’s a simple way to accelerate the payoff of your debt. The key to using the debt snowball effectively is to either (1) have extra money to put toward your debt above and beyond the minimum monthly payments, or, if you don’t (2) once your […]

Reader Question: Can You Refinance a Mortgage with Bad Credit

In the world of personal finance, there are easy questions and not so easy questions. Today’s reader question from Debra falls into the latter category: I would like to know if and where it is possible to refinance your mortgage from 5.25% down to the current low with bad credit and $70,000 equity. Don’t qualify […]

Should You Consider Permanent Life Insurance?

My wife and I both have life insurance. First purchased when we adopted our children seventeen years ago, we have 20-year term policies. As hard as it is for me to believe, our policies are just a few short years away from lapsing. And that’s caused me to ask whether we would have been better […]

What Makes Us Happy? A Book Review of The How of Happiness

We review the How of Happiness by Sonja Lyubomirsky, which looks at what does and does not make us happy. The answer may surprise you. Are you happy? Would you be happier if you got a promotion and raise at work? Would you be happier if you moved to a larger home? For me, the […]

My Foray Into Coin Collecting as an Investment

Yesterday was a first for me. I purchased eight silver Morgan dollars from a local rare coin dealer. The purchase represented my first step into coin collecting for both fun and profit. Part of my numismatic adventure was motivated by the joy of coin collecting. I was first introduced to coins by my grandmother years […]