Want Cheaper Car Insurance? Move

It’s common knowledge that where you live affects your car insurance premiums. People in Manhattan will pay more for insurance, all things being equal, than in most rural towns in the mid-west, for example. But a new study by CarInsurance.com shows that even moving a few miles away from where you currently live can have […]

Mortgage Discounts Points and the 5 Year Rule of Thumb

Recently I wrote an article on how big of a down payment you need to buy a home. Today we’ll look at a question that has perplexed a lot of future homeowners–should you pay discount points to lower your interest rate? Discount points act as a type of prepaid interest on your mortgage loan.  Each […]

3 Reasons To Avoid Credit Card Cash Advances

I‘ve used a credit card to get a cash advance once. I was in college traveling in New England and ran out of money. And it cost me a fortune. A cash advance allows you to get cash from your credit card in one of two ways. First, if you have created an ATM PIN […]

Comparison of the Best iPhone Plans

I hate my Motorola Droid X. I bought it through Verizon Wireless before they offered the iPhone. And I’m now looking to switch back to Apple. The big question is whether to wait for the iPhone 5. But I’ve started researching who has the most affordable plans. Recently, both Virgin Mobile and Cricket announced that […]

Leafully–A Cool Way to Track Your Energy Usage

The Department of Energy recently announced the winners of its “Apps for Energy” competition. Contestants can submit mobile and web applications that help consumer better managing their utility usage with the help of “Green Button” data (more about that in a minute). The winner was a pretty cool web app called Leafully. In theory, Leafully […]