Why Passive Investors Should Become Stock Pickers

When I started investing 20 years ago, I was terrified of the idea of investing in individual stocks. My parents never taught me about the stock market, and all that I knew was what I read in books. So when I started investing, I invested in stock and bond mutual funds. I did so poorly […]

10 Types of CDs–Which Certificate of Deposit is Best for You?

Certificates of deposit come with different features. Here are 10 types of CDs along with help finding the best CD for your financial needs. I began investing in certificates of deposit when I was 13. Back then (yes, we had color TV and telephones) there were just two options when it came to picking a […]

3 Reasons to Cheer a Market Drop

Over the past two years I’ve started investing in individual stocks. I’ll talk about why I made that decision in another post. But the change for me has had some interesting consequences. The most significant consequence is that I watch stock prices much more closely. And like many investors, it’s great to watch the market […]

Medicare ‘As We Know It’ Dead in 2024

So this is a good news, bad news, more bad news, and really bad news situation. The good news is that the financial stability (or lack thereof) of medicare and social security haven’t changed much since last year. I’m afraid the good news stops there. The bad news is that Medicare Part A (hospital insurance) […]

The Price for Living in a Good School District? $205,000

The Brookings Institute recently released a study (pdf) on the cost of housing in good school districts. The study was of particular interest to me because of a case I worked on in law school dealing with the inequality of public school funding. Basically, because schools are funded in large part from real estate taxes, […]

New Starwood Preferred Guest Rewards for 2012

Recently I applied for the Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card from American Express. For new cardholders, you can earn up to 25,000 bonus Starpoints, which was the primary reason I got the card. It’s also why the card is considered by many as one of the best travel credit cards. So it caught my attention […]