American Express + Twitter = Savings

There’s two ways to spend less money–the easy way and the hard way. The hard way involves cutting back on everything from eating out to buying clothes to taking vacations. The easy way to spend less involves making smart changes that don’t affect your lifestyle, such as refinancing debt to lower rates or comparison shopping […]

6 Ways to Get Your Tax Refund Fast

Back in the day, I vividly recall running to the mail box to look for our tax refund. It was as if I’d found free money, even though I knew of course that it was just the IRS returning my own money to me. Still, tax refund day made me feel like I had won […]

Green Dot® Cash Back Visa® Debit Card

The is arguably the most widely used prepaid card today. You’ve likely seen the Green Dot card for sale at pharmacies, grocery stores, and even Walmart. The is offered by Green Dot, a publicly traded company (NYSE:GDOT), and it sells about 1.5 million new prepaid cards every quarter. So it’s big. But is its prepaid […]

Your Mortgage Statements May Be Changing

Our mortgage statements might soon be changing because of a recent proposal by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The mission of CFPB is to ensure consumers receive the appropriate information so they can fully understand their agreements with financial companies. In an effort to fulfill their mission, the CFPB is proposing that our mortgage statements […]

6 Ways To Your Pay Bills Online for Free

Photo: kizzzbeth When I was in law school, my wife paid the bills. It was a depressing undertaking because we had more bills than money to pay them. After I graduated, my wife decided she had had enough and passed the torch to me. So for the last 20 years or so, I’ve been paying […]

FICO vs. FAKO–Does it Matter?

Recently a number of readers have dismissed free credit score services like Quizzle and Credit Sesame, noting that these services don’t provide you with your “official” FICO score. The argument goes like this. These FAKO scores, as they’re called, don’t show you the actual credit score that lenders will use. Therefore, the scores are worthless. […]