Why I’m Not Selling My Apple Stock (But You Probably Should)

As you’ve no doubt already heard, Steve Jobs lost his battle against pancreatic cancer at the age of 56. I’ve been a huge fan of Jobs and Apple for years. I run nothing but Macs for my business and home. And recently I began investing in Apple stock. With the death of Apple’s leader and […]

How to (Quickly) Sell Your iPhone For Cash

Rumor has it that Apple will announce the release of the iPhone 5 today. And like many (41% of existing cell phone users, according to one dubious study), I plan to purchase the new gizmo as soon as the crazy lines at the Apple store die down. But this raises one big question–what do I […]

5 Ways to Avoid Bank of America’s $5 Debit Card Fee

As you’ve probably heard by now, Bank of America announced that it will be charging its customers $5 a month to use a debit card. The response was swift and unequivocal–Yuck! In some ways I don’t blame BofA for the move. When Senator Durbin introduced the “Durbin Amendment” into the Dodd-Frank financial reform bill that […]