Should You Loan Money To Family and Friends?

Let’s pretend were in a down economy. (Hard to imagine, I know) Now, assume that you are fortunate, despite that poor economy, to still have a secure, well-paying job. And, since you’re a frequent reader of Dough Roller, you know how to stretch your dollars as far as the eye can see. You also have […]

And the Best Frequent Flyer Program Is . . .

Imagine you’ve worked hard to build up miles on your favorite frequent flyer program. And now you’re ready to cash in the miles for a family vacation. You call the airlines to book your rewards travel, and they don’t have any seats available. So you try a different date. Same result. So you try a […]

ING Direct Launches MONEY Debit Card for Teens and Parents

One of the online banks that always seem to change (for the better) with the times is ING Direct. Year in and year out, customers rave about the functionality and customer service they receive from ING Direct and their Online Savings, Electric Orange Checking and Orange CD accounts continue to offer competitive interest rates. Update: […]

Best Web Hosting for Blogs and Small Businesses

Web hosting service can make or break a blog or small business. I didn’t fully appreciate this when I started the Dough Roller more than four years ago. Since then, however, having built many websites and used several different web hosting services, it’s clear that picking the right web hosting for a site is critical. […]

The Best Hotel Rewards Credit Cards of 2017

Do you travel often for business or pleasure? If so, a hotel rewards credit card is a must. These credit cards are tied to specific hotel or online booking service rewards programs. They not only let you earn free nights’ stays, but also give you access to special perks and benefits. Most of the higher-class […]

Retirement Income Security Made Simple

If you’re about to retire, you’ve got to be deadly serious about your retirement income security. All kinds of thoughts might be running through your head. “What if I need more income for some unexpected reason? What if my investments don’t do as well as planned? What if I live longer than I expect? Should […]