An Energy Saving Light Bulb That Lasts 45.6 Years

Consumer Reports just released its ratings of CFL and LED bulbs. I’ve always been a fan of these energy saving light bulbs. In my 99 Painless Ways to Save Serious Money eBook (free to subscribers of our newsletter!), replacing incandescent bulbs with CFLs or LEDs is high on the list. These eco-friendly bulbs reduce our […]

9 Ways to Reduce the Risk of Identity Theft

More and more people are becoming victims of identity theft and there appears to be no limit to the efforts a person will take to steal someone’s personal information. Sure there are plenty of ID theft prevention companies out there and your bank and credit card company have all approached you with their own program […]

U.S. Deficit Sets Record (Again)

The United States doesn’t settle for second best. And that’s never been more true than our beloved country’s ability to rack up record-setting deficits. Yesterday, the CBO released its projection that the country’s deficit this year would total $1.3 trillion (that’s $1,300,000,000,000.00). For you history buffs, a $1.3 trillion dollar deficit is “only” the third […]

Warren Buffett Controls the Stock Universe

Earlier this month, I wrote about how I finally got around to opening my very own OptionsHouse IRA.  What I didn’t tell you was that I took my initial $5,000 and invested it solely in one company.  Bank of America (BOA) was down nearly 40% for the year, more than 60% from it’s 52-week high […]

Kids With Jobs = Kids With Futures

One of the most important things my parents taught me when I was young, was self reliance.  At the time, I hated them for it because I thought having a job before I was in college was stupid.  Anything I wanted should be provided for by them and rather than earn money on my own, […]

Capital One® Venture® Rewards Credit Card 2019 – 50,000 Miles Bonus

The Capital One® Venture® Rewards Credit Card offers cardholders 50,000 bonus miles. Get the details in our full Capital One Venture review right here. Venture, as defined by Webster’s dictionary, is to “proceed somewhere despite the risk of possible dangers.”  Seems like a strange way to introduce a credit card that is the most recognizable […]