ShareBuilder $50 New Account Bonus

Even though our economy has yet to really get the ball rolling, Wall Street has seen a lot of recent success and investing has slowly but steadily picked up in 2011.  When trading stocks, it’s important to find an online discount broker with great tools and a low cost and that’s exactly what ShareBuilder provides.  […]

Overcoming the Fear of Vacation

I’ve met a good amount of people in my lifetime and no matter their race, religion, job, family, size or shape, every single one of them was afraid of something.  Statistics will show that most Americans fear public speaking and death the most however for me, it’s always been vacations.  You might be wondering if […]

How To Find Low Cost Discount Dental Insurance

As a child, I had what you might call a strange aspiration.  I wanted to become a dentist. Most kids hate going to the dentist because of  all the needles and drills, but twice a year I had a wide smile on my face because I knew that it was dental visit day. I would […]

5 (Quit Your Day Job) Blogging Ideas

One of the best things about making a living online is the incredible diversity. The Dough Roller is of course about personal finance, investing, and money in general. But there are thousands of profitable topics just waiting for a creative, enthusiastic blogger to come along. So in this article we are going to look at […]

Should College Athletes Be Paid?

It seems every week, I hear of a new scandal involving a college athlete and the reason is always the same … money.  For the past few months, the NCAA has been digging their claws into USC and Ohio State, two of the most storied athletic institutions there are in college sports.   The consequences […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Making Money Online

I recently published an article describing how my wife and I paid off more than $200,000 in debt in five years. The post covered what you’d expect from an article on debt, including the importance of an emergency fund and avoiding credit card debt. But the secret weapon that really propelled us out of debt […]