How to Read a Form 10-K Like a Pro

While I don’t talk much about my job as a lawyer here on the Dough Roller, I can tell you this–I’ve read more Form 10-Ks than I care to remember. A Form 10-K is an annual report that public companies must file with the Securities and Exchange Commission (the SEC). And if you are a […]

A Review of the Six Steps to Financial Fitness

There are a lot of wealth “systems” out there. Some are just plain bogus. Others, like Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University, are legitimate. Recently, I came across one put out by the FINRA Foundation and the Florida State University. Called the Six Strategies for Increasing Financial Fitness (pdf), this short brochure is designed to help […]

We Are All Consultants Now

In trying to understand the way jobs are evolving, particularly for white collar professions, I find two phrases quite useful: We are all between job searches. All jobs are now contract consulting jobs. “Whoa, wait a minute!” you might exclaim. “I have a steady job!  I’ve been there for 5 years, and I’m a full-time […]

Extreme Couponing is Not Worth the Effort

Working from home, I’ve been brushing up on a lot of television shows I wouldn’t normally watch.  I find that working on the computer all day with a mix of TV leads to excellent production. And one of the shows I saw was an episode of  “Extreme Couponing“.  I’ve written a few posts previously about […]

How To Find A Car Mechanic You Can Trust

Anyone still using the verbiage “What you don’t know can’t hurt you” needs to stop now because it’s exactly the opposite.  Paying someone to complete a job you know nothing about and then trusting them to do the job right is financially irresponsible and should be avoided at all costs.  Auto mechanics are certainly not […]

When Do Medical Costs Become Too Costly for Most Families?

Medical expenses can quickly put financial strain on a family. According to one CNN report, 60% of personal bankruptcies were caused by mounting medical bills. Although some families sock away money for a rainy day, medical care in the thousands can wipe out a family’s savings in an instant. At what point do healthcare expenses […]