The DoughRoller Weekly RoundUp (Who Pays Taxes in America Edition)

I can never say a bad thing about being self employed, however if I had one slight irritation, it’s that I’m responsible for a heavier tax burden now.  Forget higher tax brackets for a second, I’m on the hook for the full portion of Social Security and Medicare taxes, minus a small write-off for paying […]

4 Must Use Websites When Posting Your Resume

These past few years have been hard on many workers.  The economy took a sharp turn for the worse, and that left a lot of people out of a job. In an effort to find new employment, some people turned to employment centers, while others tried to tap into their network of friends and family. […]

Have You Ever Heard of an Identity Score?

Some estimates indicate that identity theft cost consumers and businesses over $50 billion last year. An “identity score” is an attempt to prevent costly, damaging identify theft.  While a credit score is designed to measure your risk as a borrower, an identity score is supposed to estimate the risk that you are not who you […]

A 60-Second Guide to Life Insurance for Smokers

Both my mom and her mom were smokers. My mom still is. My grandmother stopped smoking when we used her failing memory to trick her into thinking she had quit smoking years ago. Not exactly the proudest moment in my life, but it got the job done. I plan to use the same strategy with […]

Credit Inquiries 101: A Complete Guide to a Hard vs. Soft Pull

When creditors are deciding whether or not to offer you a loan or a credit card, they look at a copy of your credit report and consider your credit score. Your credit score is a number that quantifies your payment history, current credit, how long your credit has been established, and a few other variables. […]