Visa Black Card Review and Requirements

Sometimes consumers purchase things as status symbols rather than for reasons of need.  For example, you might be shocked to know that a Mercedes and Toyota are made of pretty much the same parts.  Yes, there are advantages to buying a Mercedes, such as performance and appeal. However, when you break down the value, I […]

Everything You Want to Know About Minimum Wage

Everyone hears the term minimum wage and figures it means exactly what it says: the least amount employers can pay employees.  Strangely enough, sometimes the minimum wage does not actually mean the minimum an employer must pay an employee. While there are federal and state rules in place, exceptions are made to minimum wage standards. […]

Real Estate Lingo 101: What is Escrow?

If you have ever bought or sold a house, chances are you’ve heard the term “in escrow.” What exactly is escrow and does the term apply solely to real estate transaction? Though escrow is most commonly thought of in terms of property transfers, it can pretty much be used in the exchange of any goods […]

The Consumer Protection Financial Bureau is Here to Help

In the wake of the financial market collapse, Congress felt the need to reform the way the government regulates the financial system to prevent a similar event from occurring again.  They passed the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, and the President signed the bill into law in July 2010.  The bill is […]

Will Closing Your Bank Account Hurt Your Credit Score?

Believe it or not, some banks actually pull your credit history and score when you open a savings account. For example, Ally Bank will check your credit, and it will deny a savings account application if the applicant’s credit does not meet the bank’s undisclosed standards. And that brings us to a question a reader […]

What is IRS Tax Form 2441?

If you (or your employer) paid anyone to care for your child this year so that you could work, you may be in line for a tax credit. If you’re able to take the credit, you’ll claim it on Form 2441. To qualify, the care must have been provided so that you could work or […]