Where to Find the Best Refinance Mortgage Rates Online

Refinancing your mortgage could be the best financial decision you’ll ever make.  But in order for the refinance to be beneficial, a lot of homework needs to be done to secure the best refinance rate possible.  Let’s first discuss some of the reasons you may want to refinance your mortgage, then show you where to […]

How to Supercharge Your Returns with Lending Club

I logged into my Lending Club account the other day and was met with an unfortunate reality–I’m an underachiever. My current rate of return is 7.43%, while the average rate of return is 9.67%. Lending Club was even kind enough to provide a bar chart to showcase my less than stellar performance: My first reaction […]

What is IRS Tax Form 2106EZ?

Have you ever found yourself shelling out a bit of cash because of your job for things that your employer doesn’t reimburse? Perhaps you had to travel for work, or use your cell phone for work for the convenience of your employer. You may be pleasantly surprised to find out that you can deduct some […]

How to Consolidate Your Student Loans

According to the Project on Student Debt, the average debt for graduating college students is $24,000 as of 2010. This marks a rise in the average debt compared to previous years. In 1996, the average was $13,200. The Institute for College Access and Success found that student debt is growing at an average of 6% […]

Five Reasons Every Small Business Should Have a Credit Card

When you think of starting a business, a business credit card is probably the last thing on your mind.  That was certainly the case with my business.  In fact, it was more than year into making money online before I even considered applying for a card.  And that was a big mistake.  I’ve now carried […]

Wanna Make More Money? Consider Getting Certified

Everyone seems to have an interest in earning more money. Most of us are continually looking for ways to boost our income and earn more for spending, saving and paying down debt. However, it’s not always easy to add a zero or two to the end of a paycheck. Aside from getting a second job […]