Would You Bank at Redneck Bank?

You likely won’t come across another bank quite like Redneck Bank.  When you visit this online bank’s website, you are met with the large image of a mule complete with animated eyes.  Opposite the mule is the account login button, which is an icon of a little outhouse.  Underneath the bank’s name is their slogan, […]

Jump Start Your Financial Goals

Starting to save money is like going on a diet. You are much more likely to reach your goals if you make lifestyle changes that lead to gradual improvements. It isn’t healthy to try to lose 20 pounds in a week, and saving money is not going to happen overnight, either. However, just as experts […]

Insurance Lingo 101 – What is Personal Injury Protection (PIP)?

A few weeks ago, I got in a car accident near my home in southern California.  My car was toast, but luckily the other driver and I both walked away without sustaining any injuries.  If we weren’t so fortunate, and instead ended up in the hospital, we might be exploring whether our auto insurance policy […]

Will Detroit Ever Recover?

Once the United States’ fifth largest city, Detroit has seen a massive shift in residence. Enough people have moved to the suburbs that the city now ranks eleventh most populous in US. We’ve all seen the Super Bowl commercial about the gritty city with a heart of gold. So why are so many people moving […]

How To Build a Budget with a Variable Income

Photo: Flickr Some of us are lucky in that we know exactly how much will hit our accounts when we receive our pay checks. Although we may not realize or recognize it, living on a fixed salary makes it extremely easy to budget and plan, especially when we feel we have job security and can […]

Filing an Auto Insurance Claim Might Not Be the Best Idea

Your car insurance provider frequently tells you to report even the most minor car accident.  Contrary to these instructions, sometimes it’s best not to file an insurance claim. A few years ago, I was in a minor fender bender with another car.  I admit it: the accident was definitely my fault.  But the damage was […]