Charity Spotlight: World Vision

World Vision began with the vision of Reverend Bob Pierce, who came across an orphaned child on a trip to China. At this time, the Reverend Pierce agreed to send $5 each month to the caretaker of the orphaned girl to help with her expenses. After this point, Reverend Pierce began building the idea of […]

Nothing In Life is Free – Except for These Things!

There’s no doubt that the holiday time will leave most of us with a noticeable hole in our wallets. Accordingly, as we start the New Year and the economy continues to remain sluggish, many of us will be searching out the best bargains we can find. Have no fear! It’s possible to get more than […]

Your Guide To Paying Bills With ACH Transfers

In 1972, a group of California banks established the Automated Clearing House (ACH) as a collaborative effort with their regional Federal Reserve to make clearing electronic transactions a simpler process. Word of its success spread so quickly that the process soon went national. Today, that means a much quicker electronic clearing process across the banking industry. […]

Hedge Fund This and Hedge Fund That …

A “Hedge Fund” is a general term that was originally used to describe a type of private, unregistered investment pool that utilized sophisticated hedging and arbitrage techniques to trade in the corporate equity markets. In English: this type of fund is a pooled fund, similar to a mutual fund, that uses more sophisticated – and […]

Generation Earn by Kimberly Palmer

Kimberly Palmer, an editor at U.S. News, recently published a personal finance book called Generation Earn. Although the book is geared toward young adults, I found that it spoke to my financial situation many times, even though I fall squarely in the middle age bracket (gray hair and all). So while I rarely write book […]

What is IRS Tax Form 5695?

You may have heard much talk about tax credits for energy saving improvements made to your home. A number of improvement costs can be credited against your annual income tax liability, provided they were for your main home located in the United States. You may be able to take a credit for up to 30% […]