10 Most Expensive Cities to Buy a Home in the US

Between February and August of this year, Coldwell Banker studied average home prices in nearly 300 markets where the firm operates. The firm tracked the average prices of four bedroom, two bathroom houses in markets across the United States. The resulting report shows huge differences across the US, with average prices for comparable homes ranging […]

The Great Debate Between Disposable and Rechargable Batteries

Being environmentally friendly is often extremely inconvenient (CFL bulbs that give off weird light) or just plain expensive (solar panels that never recover their costs). But sometimes, we get it just right. We find products that are easier on both our planet and our pocket books, and actually make life easier. This is especially true […]

The History of the Credit Score

Credit scores became widely used in the 1980’s. Before the credit score was used, human judgment was the primary factor in deciding who received credit. Lenders relied on their past experience at observing consumer behavior as the basis for deciding which consumers warranted credit. This was not only a slow process, but also involved human […]

When Flood Insurance Coverage is the Right Idea

The chance of a flood is a risk most homeowners and renters don’t even consider. Most people live in areas with low to moderate flood risk, and never even consider the possibility of costly flood damage to their home or personal possessions. The situation is even worse for those in at-risk areas. Nationally, only 20% […]

National Debt vs. Budget Deficit: What’s the Difference?

Making sense of the U.S. national debt and annual budget deficit If you’re like me, the words “national debt” and “national deficit” bring with them an unshakeable feeling of gloom and doom. It’s not that I lay awake at night worried about the U.S. debt and deficit, but when they do cross my mind, I […]

What is Tax Form 1040 Schedule J?

Most taxpayers have a reasonable continuity in their income from year to year. In other words, most people make similar amounts of money from one year to the next. There are certainly changes after promotions, raises, career shifts, and annual incomes can be drastically lower when a tax year includes a period of unemployment because […]