College Dropouts Hurt More Than Just Themselves

Photo: JKD Atlanta If you or a family member has gone to college, or even so much as taken a look at possible costs, you know how much higher education can cost. Even in-state public tuition numbers are in the thousands of dollars, and private school annual tuition can approach or even exceed $50,000 per […]

DIY Credit Help: The New Credit Score Standard Raises The Bar

680 used to be the credit score consumers were told to aspire to. In this good credit range, a 680 was solid enough to access the great loan and mortgage rates, get you approval for most credit cards, and open up your financial options. With a 680, you could be confidant that you could borrow […]

Managing $225,000 in Debt Is Starting to Wear on Me

Every six months, I write down all of my debts, which are primarily student loans and for the last few years, I’ve been pretty satisfied with the progress I’ve made.  Only for the past 18 months have I actually been able to get ahead of my debts and with everything now being paid on time […]

TIPS Auctioned at Negative Yield (And What It Means For Consumers)

Yesterday was a big day in the world of TIPS (Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities). For the first time ever, the government auctioned off 5-year TIPS at a negative yield of 0.55%. In other words, people actually paid more than the face value of the bond. So why would investors do such a thing, and more importantly, […]

When Should You Carry Only Liability Auto Insurance?

Buying a car can be an exciting time. Unfortunately, this excitement can be somewhat deflated by the prospect of choosing an insurance policy and the appropriate amount and type of coverage. In order to actually choose the best policy for your driving needs, it’s important to be educated on the different types of insurance – […]

5 Tips on Giving Back This Holiday Season with a Tight Budget

As the holiday season approaches (really, it will be here quicker than you know it), people are beginning to save and decide on their gift giving plan. With the economy having experienced some rough bumps this year, it’s uncertain how successful retailers will be this season. One thing is for certain, though: there has been and […]