A Deeper Look Into the Unemployment Rate

If you pay much attention to the news, you’ll find yourself bombarded by the most recent unemployment numbers. This percentage expresses the number of people considered in the labor force who are unemployed, available, and actively seeking work. The unemployment rate is a long-standing indicator of economic performance. What the unemployment rate doesn’t do, at […]

The 10 Largest Cities in the United States

Photo: Wallyg Love the amenities a city has to offer? Interested to live in places filled arts, nightlife and bustle? Or are you looking for the amenities without the crowds? Regardless of the urban environment you’re seeking, we’ve compiled the list of the 10 most populated US cities as of this very moment: New York […]

Is Law School Worth the Price of Admission?

Guess what a first year lawyer right out of law school makes at a major law firm. For major firms outside of New York City, the starting salary is $145,000 plus a bonus that can add $20,000 to the total package. For major firms in NYC, starting salary can hit $160,000 or more, with bonuses […]

What is Tax Form 1040?

If you’re a wage earning, tax paying American resident, chances are that you’re already familiar with Form 1040, or one of its variations (Form 1040A, 1040EZ). Form 1040 is the long form for filing a personal federal income tax return. Any person who lives full time in the United States may use the 1040 to […]

5 Top Airline Miles Credit Cards of 2017

If you’re a frequent traveler – for pleasure or business – a great travel rewards credit card is a must-have. If you prefer to fly with a certain airline, then a card that offers miles for that airline is essential. Airline miles credit cards are great because they can boost the miles you receive through […]

Why You Should Buy Your Next Cell Phone From Amazon Wireless

When you think of getting your next cell phone, Amazon probably isn’t the first online destination that comes to mind. Well, it should be. I’ve been in the market for a new phone to replace my iPhone (more about that in another article). Having read review after review, I’ve chosen the Droid X from Verizon […]