magicJack Review – Why You Need it NOW

You wouldn’t know it to look at me but I’m not the biggest fan of technology.  I grew up in a home that still uses a rotary phone, never had a microwave or an answering machine, but I kind of liked it that way.  Usually when technology made an advance, it meant more money had […]

Prepaid Debit Cards with High Yield Savings Account

Some re-loadable debit cards now come with a savings account. We’ve researched these offers to create this list of prepaid debit cards with savings accounts. Prepaid debit cards have come a long way. Re-loadable cards were once an expensive and inconvenient way to handle your money. Today, the fees have come way down while more […]

The Child and Dependent Care Credit and IRS W-10 Form

While you may have never heard of IRS Form W-10, you will if you’re currently paying or planning to pay someone to care for a child, dependent, or spouse? If you are, then you may qualify to claim what’s called the Child and Dependent Care credit on your federal income tax return. To claim this […]

Thinkorswim Online Discount Broker Review

A long-standing industry leader in software solutions for options traders, thinkorswim took Barron’s #1 rank among online discount brokers this year. Thinkorswim (now a subsidiary of TD Ameritrade) comes with a comprehensive array of services, from all manner of market orders, to mutual funds, and even currency trading. Trading with thinkorswim’s A+ technology comes with […]

The 10 Most Expensive Homes in the World

During a time when many of us are struggling to make monthly mortgage payments, the idea of living in or maintaining one of the world’s top ten most expensive homes is difficult to fathom.  Nevertheless, for ten “lucky” individuals, their homes serve as their playgrounds, boasting luxuries and unique amenities.  Below is a brief description […]

What is Social Security?

Have you ever wondered how Social Security works?  It’s actually a somewhat complex system established by the 1935 Social Security Act due in part to the Great Depression.  President Franklin D. Roosevelt wanted the Federal Government to assist the elderly during their retirement years and establish aid for the disabled and survivors benefits for spouses […]