Are Political Donations Tax Deductable?

The more familiar you become with tax law, the more money you potentially stand to save each and every year.  One of the more common questions asked is “Are political contributions tax deductible?”  Whether it’s your county mayor or the future President of the United States, the rules on taking advantage of these tax deductions […]

Moving Might Be More Expensive Than You Think

The professional moving industry is an extremely competitive business.  Moving companies have to entice consumers to select them if they want to make money and this and this can sometimes be done through the moving quote. What often appears like a reasonable quote from a professional moving company can turn into a final price that […]

How to Buy a Refurbished iPhone

Way back in 2007 when iPhones were first introduced I wrote 5 Money-Saving Reasons to Buy an iPhone. As a Mac Addict, I wanted to buy the iPhone when it first came out, and this article was my attempt to justify the big price tag. In the end, though, I decided to wait, and gave […]

How 5 Financial Blunders Will Affect Your Credit Score

Have you ever wondered how paying a bill late will affect your credit score? Or have you considered how many points your credit score would lose in the event of a foreclosure or bankruptcy? Because the exact details of how a FICO score is calculated are kept secret, there is a certain mystery that surrounds […]

What is a Second Chance Checking Account and Where Can You Get One?

A checking account is an important tool to managing your finances but if you’re having trouble getting one, these are the tools you’ll need. I‘ve had a checking account since college, and frankly, it’s hard to imagine living without one. For some people, however, getting approved for a traditional checking account is impossible. And that’s […]

2010 Federal Income Tax Brackets (IRS Tax Rates)

Before we get into the various tax brackets for 2010, we should take a second to understand what a tax bracket is.  It’s a common misconception that your tax bracket is the percentage of your income paid in federal income tax.  Have you ever had a conversation where a relative warns you, “Don’t make more […]