The DoughRoller Weekly RoundUp (Utilize the Salvation Army Edition)

Growing up with a younger brother, I was on the better end of the “hand me down” rule in which anything I wore was filtered down the sibling chain.  My parents decided that two boys were enough for them, so once my brother had outgrown my old clothes, it was time to take a trip […]

Take Online College Courses for Free

Do you miss the intellectual stimulation of college classes? Do you have an inner politico or engineer needing attention? If I had my druthers, I’d be a full-time student for the rest of my life. With the help of the Internet, continuing education has become far more attainable and even free. More colleges and universities […]

Should Teacher’s Pay be Based on Student Performance?

When I decided to attend the University of Miami in 2002, I wanted to follow in most of my family’s footsteps and become a teacher.  I always had a passion for mathematics, so I decided to double major in probability and education.  Five years later, I completed all of my classroom required training and was […]

Was Netflix ‘Blindsided’ by Blockbuster?

I need your help with an investing decision. The issue involves Blockbuster and Netflix. There are two questions that have been puzzling me, and I could sure use some input. Here are the two questions: 1. Why do more people choose Netflix over Blockbuster even though Blockbuster offers physical store locations in addition to online […]

5 Habits Of Financially Successful People

I have read quite a few financial books and noticed common themes among individuals who achieve a high degree of financial success. Millionaires often share many common traits. Let’s take a look at 5 common habits that enable financially successful people to build wealth. Financially Successful People… 1. Make Smart Buying Decisions Wouldn’t it be great […]

I Was Audited By the IRS!

Picture this: You work for one company from January 1st through December 31st and that is your only source of income for the entire year.  You’re young, live on your own and have no financial responsibilities other than yourself.  Living paycheck to paycheck, your home is an apartment complex where you rent and the car […]