How to Uncover the Secret Fees of Your 401(k)

Do you know how much your 401(k) is costing you? Chances are the answer is no. Because a 401(k) does not send out a monthly or quarterly bill, it’s easy to forget about the fact that these retirement accounts can cost plenty. Most employers absorb some of these costs, but many of them are passed […]

Don’t be Quizzled by Quizzle

Properly managing your money is just as important now as it’s ever been and the number of money managing sites continues to grow each day., a website designed to help consumers value their homes, better manage their budgets and offer a free credit report and score twice a year has been around for a […]

Should You Buy Pet Insurance?

Pets are a big responsibility. In addition to the time and care we invest, the cost of owning a pet can be significant, particularly when it comes to medical expenses. Medical care is of course 100% the responsibility of the owner, so deciding whether to carry pet insurance is not a decision to be taken […]

Enter to Win an iPod Touch!

We have a winner! With over 10,000 entries, we randomly picked a winner this morning, and it was a Facebook Fan. We will be contacting him (sorry ladies) later this morning. Thanks for entering. And remember, as current Twitter followers, Newsletter subscribers, and Facebook Fans, you are automatically entered into all future contests. Thanks for […]