Ally Bank Offers ‘Raise Your Rate’ 2-Year CD

Ally Bank has introduced some pretty unique features to what are otherwise boring certificates of deposit. We’ve written before about its no-penalty CD with a 9-month term. As the name suggests, Ally Bank’s no-penalty CD lets you can withdrawal the money before the CD matures without incurring a penalty. Well, recently Ally introduced another innovative […]

Is Renter’s Insurance Worth the Cost?

Hoping one day soon to own a home, I have been renting apartments for the last 7+ years.  The renting first started when I moved to Miami for school and has continued well after I’ve graduated.  With my credit not in the best of shape, renting has been my only housing option and one that […]

Cash4Gold or Cash4Suckers?

Currently resting around $1,120 an ounce, gold continues to be a highly traded commodity, especially since the economy started it’s decline.  This means that if you own a pound of gold (16oz.), you are sitting on close to an $18,000 investment. If you’re rich enough to own a bar of gold (London Delivery Goods Bars […] Review

Last month I had the chance to meet some folks from I found out that the company is based in Ohio (go Buckeyes!) so it must be a first rate organization. Anyway, as I mentioned a while ago, Nationwide recently jacked up my auto insurance rates. I’ve been a customer of Nationwide for more […]

How to Buy Stocks Online with Scottrade

I‘ve managed our investments for almost 20 years. With one exception, all of our investments are in mutual funds. So when I executed my first stock trade last week with Scottrade, I’m embarrassed to admit that I was a tad nervous. The funny thing is that I wasn’t nervous about the investment itself (2200 shares […]

What is an SR-22 Form and How Do You Get One?

You might think that with tax time in full swing, an SR-22 form is another one of those obscure deduction forms you need to keep on hand in case of an audit.  Perhaps an SR-22 form is a signed affidavit allowing a piece of evidence into a jury trial?  We probably could go on all […]