What is Value Investing?

If you’ve spent any time evaluating mutual funds, you have probably run across the concept of value investing. Mutual funds are often described as being a value fund, a growth fund, or a blend of both. Understanding what these concepts mean and applying them to your investment decisions can have a significant impact on the […]

Ferri vs. Swedroe: Do TIPS Protect Us Against Rising Interest Rates

When you think of controversy these days, things like Heath Care Reform and the war in Afghanistan probably come to mind. What likely doesn’t top the list are TIPS (Treasury Inflation Protected Securities). But among two well regarded investing authors, there is a debate brewing over whether we could experience rising interest rates in a […]

Is Ooma Free Home Service A Scam?

The other day I ran across Ooma on the Internet. Ooma purports to offer free internet phone service with the purchase of an Ooma device that connects your phones to the Internet. Then over Christmas my cousin, who works for our local cable company, asked me if I was going to get Ooma. He’s researched […]

Should You Add Rental Car Reimbursement to Your Auto Insurance?

In response to the article on car insurance we published last week, a good friend from college e-mailed me about rental car reimbursement. Here’s what she had to say: Loved your article on “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Car Insurance.” I was recently in a car accident and one thing I did not […]

50 Nifty Websites That Can Save You Money!

With the holiday season in full gear, saving money online is on the minds of every consumer.  With millions of websites available today, it’s important to identify the ones that are out there to help versus the ones that are out there to hurt.  Compiled below are fifty top-notch, high quality sites that can help […]

Cash Back Smackdown: Discover it Cash Back vs. Chase Freedom

Recently readers have been asking me which card offers the best cash back rewards, Discover it® Cash Back or Chase Freedom. Since I carry both and have used their cash rewards, it seemed like a great question to address. At first glance, it would seem that the two cards are about equal. For example, both offer […]