Best Online Discount Brokers for 2017

I‘ve been investing nearly 25 years, long before online brokers came on the scene. During that time I’ve used several of the best online discount brokers, including Scottrade, OptionsHouse, and even Vanguard’s brokerage services.  Based on that experience and a lot of research, I’ve compiled this list of the top options. Note that I have […]

Sogotrade Offers Online Stock Trading for $3 Per Trade

As I search for online stock trading sites for my SEP IRA, it’s been interesting to watch the discount brokers compete on price. Zecco was one of the first deep discount brokers, offering free stock trades. They’ve since been acquired. But recently caught my attention because it offers stock trades for just $3 per […]

11 Simple Ways to Improve Your Credit Score Today

Improving your FICO credit score has never been more important than it is today. Your credit score affects whether you are approved for a loan, the interest rate your pay, and even the cost of insurance. Credit card companies now use credit scores and credit history (called risk-based pricing) to determine not only the interest […]

11 Things We All Buy, But Don’t Need

Particularly in financially difficult times, the last thing we should do is spend money on stuff we don’t need or even want. Yet that’s exactly what many of us do. I’m guilty of it, even though avoiding these expenses is really easy to do. So I thought it would be a good time to put […]

Prepaid Cards With Low or No Fees

It is estimated that about 40 million Americans do not have a bank account. The reasons for this vary. For many, they are unable to qualify for a bank account because of past bounced checks. Bounce too many checks, and you’ll find yourself in the Chexsystems, which many banks use to evaluate potential new banking […]

How to Plan a Funeral that Doesn’t Cost an Arm and a Leg

The memorial for Michael Jackson cost the city of Los Angeles $1.4 million, according to the Associated Press. While most of us won’t be remembered at the Staples Center in front of 11,000 people, funerals are expensive. According to the Federal Trade Commission, a traditional funeral costs about $6,000, and many funerals run well over […]