Benefits To RideSharing and 8 Resources To Get You Started

I’ve never much cared for carpooling. There’s something about the independence of being in a car by myself that I find so appealing. Yet given the cost of gas, insurance, parking, and car maintenance, more and more people are exploring other options for their daily commute. Using a public transit service, biking to work and […]

Lending Club Launches Tool to Track and Compare Loan Performance

Lending Club has just launched a new tool that allows investors to compare their loans’ performance with other lenders. This tool is part of Lending Club’s regular improvement of its site. From my experience, Lending Club has managed to create an incredibly easy to navigate site for both borrowers and lenders. In some ways, it […]

Say Goodbye to Cable and Hello to Free Digital TV!

Are you tired of paying for cable or satellite TV? Would you like to get digital quality TV and most of your cable channels for free? If you answered yes to these questions, June 12, 2009 is your lucky day. June 12 is the deadline for broadcast TV stations to switch from an analog to […]

ChexSystems: The Banks’ Secret WatchDog is Watching You

Have you ever been turned down for a checking account? While denials are more common when applying for credit, you can also be declined when applying for a bank account. If you have been declined, it’s likely due to a reporting agency that many have never heard of, but who has a lot of information […]

A Search Engine for Jobs, Indeed!

Wouldn’t it be great if one site allowed us to search across thousands of company websites and employment directories for job openings? Imagine just plugging in the job title you’re looking for and location, and having the site return a long list of job opportunities. Well that is exactly what claims to do. The […]

Tax Credits Can Save Money on Energy Efficient Home Improvements

The 2009 Economic Stimulus package is perhaps best known for the stimulus payments many will receive in 2009 and 2010. But the stimulus bill has other very significant tax savings for those who want to take advantage of the opportunity. One of these opportunities is a generous tax credit for energy efficient home improvements. Whether […]