When will the Recession End?

As every day seems to bring more economic turmoil, people are asking one simple question. When will the economic recession end? Wrapped up in this question are three questions that affect most of us. When will real estate values stop going down? When will the unemployment rate stop going up? And when will the stock […]

70 Government Websites About Money You Should Bookmark NOW!

Government websites provide a wealth of information about money related topics. But finding what’s out there can be a chore. So this resource provides links to 70 government websites about everything from finding a job, to buying a home, to paying for college. Topics: Money Management

Instant Approval Credit Cards

Some credit card companies market their cards as “instant approval credit cards.” The idea is that you can fill out a credit card online application and find out immediately whether you are approved and what your credit limit will be. The card issuers always reserve the right to change the credit limit once they’ve completed […]