A Comprehensive Guide to Online “Stop Foreclosure” Resources

As the economy worsens, more and more families are facing the harsh reality of home foreclosure. According to the FDIC, one in every 200 homes will be foreclosed upon. Every three months, 250,000 more families enter foreclosure. And to make matters worse, some “stop foreclosure now” companies with shady business practices are preying on families […]

What Costs More–A Bounced Check, Credit Card Late Payment Penalty or Payday Loan

Riding on the DC Metro last week, I saw a billboard that caught my attention. It asked which was financially more costly, a bounced check, a payday loan, or a credit card late payment penalty. The answer surprised me, and it’s worth considering this question. Most all of us at one time or another have […]

Review of WT Direct

WTDirect offers one of the highest yields available for an FDIC insured account. With balances over $10,000, WT Direct is currently paying 1.01%, making this online savings account is hard to beat. This review will cover the key benefits and limitations of WT Direct’s online savings account, how to open an account, alternatives to WT […]

Anatomy of a $15 Million Blog

A few months ago a WordPress blog run by one person, Johns Wu, sold for nearly $15 million. The blog is called Bankaholic, and it was purchased by BankRate. The response within the blogging community can be summed up in a single word–shock. The sale was reported on ProBlogger, who had this to say: If […]

5 Ways to Finance a New Business

This post comes from good friends of mine who recently designed, manufactured and are now marketing an educational board game that helps children learn to read. In a prior post about how to start a business, they shared their experiences from the early stages of their entrepreneurial adventure to develop Er-u-di-tion, an educational sight words […]

An Interview with LendingClub’s Rob Garcia

LendingClub, a peer to peer lending site, brings individual borrowers and lenders together to fund loans up to $25,000. I got the opportunity of meeting LendingClub’s Rob Garcia when I was doing my research on how LendingClub and sets interest rates. Rob joined the founders of Lending Club and serves as the Director of Product […]