Do You Follow the 50-50 Rule of Mutual Fund Investing?

Picking mutual funds to entrust your hard earned cash can often feel like a crap shoot. The experts tell us not to look at past results, but let’s be honest, it’s the first thing most of us look at. And if past results are not an indicator of future performance, why are past results plastered […]

Mutual Fund Investing That Costs Nothing, Nada, Zip (Free!)

What do Home Depot, Anheuser Busch, and Carmax have in common? Here’s a hint: Bank of America, American Express, and General Electric have the same thing in common. The answer is they are all investments by a “mutual fund” that does not charge you a load fee or annual expenses. You’ve no doubt heard of […]

97 New Ways to Save Money (from DR Readers)

Several years ago I wrote an article about 51 painless money saving tips. It was a simple enough article with a bunch of ideas on how to save some money without making huge sacrifices. The response was stupendous. There have been countless comments to the article, and the article has been viewed by more than […]

How to Avoid the Infuriating Cost of Disorganization

Note: This post comes from my darling wife, Mrs. Dough. A few years ago, I was in charge of filing the insurance claims for our family. Somehow, slowly, DR took over. This was probably because he had the forms at his office and they would occasionally change and one day he offered to take my […]

How to Pick a Lucrative Online Money Making Topic

Two readers recently contacted me with two separate but related comments about how I make money online. The first came in the form of an e-mail: Hello, I really like your tutorial on how to make money blogging except I am sort of confused. Can I make a site or host a domain about any […]

Carnival of Financial Goals–Election Day 2008 Edition

Welcome to the November 4, 2008 edition of carnival of financial goals. As you head to the polls today, you probably cannot help thinking that our country could use some financial goals. You know, things like (1) let’s slow down on the borrowing just a bit; (2) don’t spend more than you make; and (3) […]