Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008: What it does, what it will cost, and whether it will work

After a tense week of negotiations, the House of Representatives has put out a 110 page draft of the bailout bill, called the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008. Events leading up to the bill included late night calls to Warren Buffett to get his take on the crisis and the consequences if the Bush […]

An Incredibly Simple, Free and Easy Way to Improve Your Finances

How much do we miss out on because we fail to do one really simple, free and easy thing. This one thing can greatly improve your finances. Amazingly, it can lower the interest rate you pay on a home equity. It can eliminate the balance transfer fee on a credit card. It may get you […]

The Easy Guide to Money Management

Successfully managing your money comes down to one thing–control. For all the things we talk about here at The Dough Roller from retirement to investing and taxes to credit cards, financial freedom and sound money management come down to whether you control your money, or whether it controls you. As I’ve often said, the good […]

A Dozen Ways Credit Cards Can Save You Money On Your Next Vacation

There are a lot of great things out there that come by the dozen. You can get a dozen eggs, a dozen roses, a dozen doughnuts, or even better, the bakers dozen that actually gives you 13. However, the best dozen of all is the dozen ways that travel credit cards will save you money […]