50 Ways to Make Money Blogging

A reader recently e-mailed me with a question that I get a lot. How does one make money blogging? Here’s the e-mail: “How do I make money from blogging? And where does my payment come from? Do I have to sell my articles to a magazine? I am confused at how this actually works and […]

Do You Believe In Financial Miracles?

The invariable mark of wisdom is to see the miraculous in the common—Ralph Waldo EmersonHave you or someone you know ever experienced a financial miracle? Do you even believe in miracles, financial or otherwise? I’m going to tell you about a financial miracle I experienced as a child; at least, it seemed like a miracle […]

How to Invest in a Mutual Fund

You’ve decided to invest in your future. You’ve picked the perfect mutual fund. You’re ready to go. Now what? How do you actually go about buying shares of a mutual fund? The good news is that buying shares of a mutual fund is quick and easy. If you’ve never invested in a mutual fund outside […]

Should You Sell Investments to Pay Off Credit Card Debt?

Should you ever sell investments to pay off debt? That’s the question I’m facing right now. I have about $40,000 on 0% balance transfer credit cards where the introductory rate will soon expire. While I could transfer some of that debt to my home equity line of credit, I could also sell shares of mutual […]

Don’t Confuse Popular with Profitable

Whether it comes to investing, making money blogging, or just about anything else in life, popularity can come with a hefty price tag. With investing, following the crowd is a surefire way to lose a lot of money as you repeatedly sell low and buy high out of fear of market losses. With blogging, sometimes […]

LendingClub Files Amended S-1 and Discloses Changes to How it Sets Interest Rates

LendingClub, the social peer-to-peer lending site originally launched on FaceBook, today filed an Amended S-1 Registration Statement with the SEC. Now one step closer to completing its securities offering and reinstating its lender program, LendingClub also disclosed some significant changes to how it sets interest rates for borrowers and future lenders. Let’s take a look […]