The Ultimate Guide to Credit Card Balance Transfers

I have saved thousands of dollars in interest charges using 0% credit card balance transfers. In fact, I have over $100,000 in available credit on our credit cards from taking advantage of 0% balance transfer offers (by the way, here are some excellent 0% balance transfer credit cards, some with 0% for 18 months). Because […]

8 Tricks to Stay Motivated to Get Out of Debt

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts. –Winston Churchill Getting out of debt and saving money requires motivation. Lots of it. Motivation is that burning desire to better our lives and to achieve more than we have achieved thus far. Motivation may flow from a dissatisfaction […]

Tracking Time with Firefox Extensions

Photo: firefoxrockfestival We all want to know how we’re spending our hard-earned dough (or, at least, we should want to know). Budgets are lauded as the ultimate financial tool because they tell us in detail how we’re spending our money. But what about our time? While the cliche that time is money may be overused, […]

Best of January and February 2008

Photo Credit: Wolfgang StaudtWelcome to the Best of January and February 2008. Here you’ll find the best articles, posts, tools, resources and news about money, finance and investing from the past two months. News and Analysis Are payday loans actually good for us? An Experimental Analysis of the Demand for Payday Loans (45 page pdf […]

ING Direct Orange Savings Account – $25 Bonus Referral

Important Update: We are currently out of ING Direct referral links. You can, however, check out our list of high yield savings account options. A great option is EverBank, which pledges that its rates are in the top 5%. You can learn more about EverBank’s online accounts and apply online at Who wants a […]

Looking to Attend College for Free? Try Harvard

Photo Credit: Grad Student 2007Everyone knows that the cost of a college education is rising–according to the College Board (the lovely folks who bring us the SAT and the AP exams), the average cost per year to attend a private four-year college is currently $23,712, up 6.3% from last year. But now, thanks to expanding […]