Reader Question: Should $15,000 be invested in P2P Lending or in a Better Mortgage?

A new reader of The Dough Roller sent me an email asking how she should invest $15,000. She initially considered investing in P2P loans with Lending Club or Prosper, which is how she found my site. But now she wonders if she should use the money to refinance her mortgage instead. Here are the details […]

Here’s the Real Deal on Dave Ramsey and Debt

As much good as he does, Dave Ramsey drives me nuts with his views on debt. Dave Ramsey, as he readily admits, did some really stupid things with debt. Leveraged to the hilt on bad real estate deals, he went bust in a way most of us could never imagine. Even as a real estate […]

3 Simple Questions That Can Change Your Life

If you haven’t figured it out by now, The Dough Roller isn’t really about money; it’s about life. More specifically, it’s about how money affects our lives, and how we can leverage money to live and achieve our life’s goals. To reduce all of this to a single tagline is tough, but I try with […]

Why Don’t More Americans Give a Damn About the Environment?

Last week I launched a new blog called Energy Saving Gadgets. As the name suggests, the site is focused on eco-friendly gadgets of all kinds. I’ve written generally about how being energy efficient can save you money (check out Money Saving Tips and 20 Inexpensive Ways to Lower Your Utility Bills), but I wanted a […]

20 Inexpensive Ways to Lower Your Utility Bills

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the typical American family spends over $1,600.00 a year on utilities. We all could probably save significant amounts on our utilities by buying the newest and most efficient appliances, heaters and boilers. But the amount of money we’d have to pay up front is sometimes prohibitive, and it’s […]

Credit Card Reform Act of 2008 – Congress to the Rescue

Update: The new credit card law goes into effect in February 2009. Here’s an analysis of how it will affect balance transfer offers. The House and Senate last week introduced two bills aimed at protecting consumers, especially young consumers, from “skyrocketing credit card debt, unfair credit card practices, and deceptive credit offers.” Senator Menendez (D-NJ) […]