How To Find Healing From A Deep Financial Wound

Money has the unique ability to bring out the best and worst in all of us. And on those occasions when it brings out the worst, particularly between friends or family members, it can devastate a relationship. I’ve seen families torn apart and close friendships come to an end because of disagreements over money. “Control […]

Service Beacon: A Free Online Tool to Track Your Car’s Maintenance Schedule and History

This week my colleagues and I in the M-Network are writing about the personal finance implications of owning a car. You’ll find posts on whether to buy a new or used car (@ Paid Twice, @ Gather Little By Little), how many cars to own (@ plonkee money), how to buy a car (@ Being […]

Slow Motion Retirement (or Retire Early, Retire Often)

Traditional retirement is so 1990s. Work hard until you’re 65+ and then stop working cold turkey. Why? Where’s the balance in that approach to your working years and your golden years? Why not ease into retirement beginning much sooner than 65? You’ll get to enjoy more free time earlier in life while continuing to generate […]

Don’t Forget to Get Your Free Credit Report

Reading through Money Magazine this month (I won a subscription from ChristianPF, a member of the M-Network), I was reminded that I was due for my free annual credit report. Requesting your report is easy. Simply go to From this site you can request annually a free credit report from each of the three […]

Did Michelle Singletary Go Too Easy On Mr. Richie Rich?

Michelle Singletary writes a weekly column for the Washington Post called The Color of Money. I’ve always enjoyed her writing because I find it to be so practical. Yesterday she wrote an article called, Too Rich To Be Poor-Mouthing, which discussed her readers’ reactions to a couple struggling to save a little extra on a […]

10 Online Budget Tools

There are a lot of free online budget tools available to help you manage your money. As you know from previous posts, spending less than you make is the most important habit to develop if you’re seeking some degree of financial freedom. Along with good advice from readers and other bloggers, I’ve assembled a growing […]