20 Model Asset Allocations With Specific Mutual Fund Suggestions

For mutual fund investors, two factors that play a significant role in the total return of the investments are expenses and asset allocation. I’ve written on both topics, which you can check out in How to Find The Hidden Cost of Mutual Funds and in The Beginner’s Guide to Asset Allocation. Today I want to […]

How to Earn a Second Income in Your ‘Second Life’

If the title to this article mystifies you, please allow me to be the first to welcome you to middle age. As of two months ago, this middle-ager had never heard of Second Life, or SL as it’s called. In fact, it’s hard enough for me to keep my first life on track, never mind […]

How To Be Thankful When Life Is Tough

Have you experienced times when being thankful was really hard? I have. I’ve gone through difficult times when it’s hard to think about anybody but myself. One thing that helps me, though, is recognizing that I’m not alone and that others have gone through similar difficulties. In fact, many have gone through far worse than […]

100+ Free Resume Templates & Samples To Help You Land Your Next Job

There is nothing more frustrating than staring at a blank screen as you try to write your resume or CV. Fortunately, you don’t have to start from scratch. Microsoft offers more than 100 Excel resume templates you can download for free. You can find all of the templates, organized into three categories,

The Weekly Dough (My Daughter’s Birthday edition)

My daughter turned 13 this past week, and we’re celebrating with family today. I look at pictures from just five years ago, and it’s amazing how much she’s grown and matured. And it reminds me of a decision I made at that time to leave a high paying, prestigious job for a lower paying and […]

Saturday Night at the Movies: “Can’t Never Did Anything” (Rocky)

Saturday Night at the Movies uses great films to explore some aspect of personal finance. Published Saturdays at 7 PM, get your front row seat by subscribing to The Dough Roller. My step father was a hard worker. As a child I helped him do a lot of work around the house, including building a […]