4 Reasons to Buy Berkshire Instead of a Mutual Fund, And Buffett Ain’t One Of Them!

Last week I wrote about not blowing all the money you save from frugal living. In that post I introduced “Buying the B Share,” my goal of buying a B share of Berkshire Hathaway using nothing but money I earn or save through frugal living. The B share trades at about $4,000 per share (note, […]

My Best and Worst Financial Decisions

One of my goals for The Dough Roller is to get people to think about money and life in unique ways. This post is no exception. When you think of personal money management, what comes to mind? It may be saving in your 401(k), budgeting, home buying or the like. The fact is, though, that […]

Would You Cash a 35 Cent Check?

Two days ago I wouldn’t have known the answer to that question? Now I do and, I’m sorry to say, the answer for me is ‘Yes.’ Yesterday I spent 30 minutes traveling to my bank and back to cash a 35 cent check. Here’s the story and what I plan to do with my spoils. […]

Stop Frittering Away The Fruits Of Your Frugality

Congratulations! You’ve just made a change in your cable service that saves you $8 per month. Or you’ve sold some clutter on e-Bay that netted you $50. Where did the extra money go? If you can’t answer that question or the money went to buy more clutter, then you my friend are a fritterer. Harsh […]

The New ‘Baby Bond’–Let’s Give $5,000 To Every Child Born in the U.S.

I’ve got an idea. Why doesn’t the U.S. government give $5,000 to every child born in the U.S.? The money can grow tax free, and the child can use the money for college when he or she finishes high school. Now I know what you’re thinking. That’s the dumbest idea you’ve ever heard. Well now […]