Achieving Financial Freedom Is Simple, But Not Easy

Did you ever notice that personal finance gurus reduce attaining financial freedom to some number of steps? Dave Ramsey has 7 Baby Steps. Suze Orman has 9 Steps to Financial Freedom. I searched for the phrase “steps to financial freedom” and Google returned 2,050,000 hits (in .29 seconds, no less). That’s a lot of steps, […]

Would You Work for Dr. Gregory House?

There are two kinds of people in the world, those that would die for a chance to work for Dr. House (if medicine were their thing) and those that would die before working for Dr. House. Before I explain where I’m going with this, here is short clip for those who are unfamiliar with Dr. […]

The Doomsday Fund: How Planning for the Worst Prepares You for the Best

We’ve all heard the advice before–save three to six months worth of expenses in an emergency fund. The money should be held in a safe, risk-free account such as a money market, certificate of deposit or a good old fashion savings account. In the event you lose your job or incur some unexpected expense, you’ll […]

The 123rd Carnival of Personal Finance (The Boo! edition)

Welcome to the 123rd Carnival of Personal Finance (The Boo! edition). October is a scary month. Not only is it home to All Hallows’ Eve, it is also home to some of the scariest stock market crashes in our history. For this edition of the CoPF, I’ll trace the history of some of the largest […]

When is OK Good Enough?

I had a disturbing conversation with a friend yesterday. We were talking about careers, family and even blogging. And he pointed out, as he’s done many times in the past, that I’m perpetually restless. I’m always looking for some new challenge to occupy my time. Whether it’s blogging or 1,000 other things (e.g., training for […]

200 Toddlers Rally Against Hillary Clinton’s Universal Pre-K Plan

Miami Beach, Florida (9/28/07)–Today Hillary Clinton unveiled her plan for Universal Pre-K. A $5 to $10 billion a year proposal to provide four year olds a “high-quality pre-kindergarten program,” Clinton said it was aimed at giving them a “chance to succeed and to fulfill his or her God-given potential.” What began as an uneventful speech […]