The Daily Dough (What’s Up With Michigan’s Football Team edition)

NOTE: As a Buckeye fan, I root for two teams–Ohio State and whoever plays Michigan. That said, the last two weekends have been ugly. Michigan, we need you to start winning so that you’re ranked when we beat you at the end of the year! Now, on with today’s money management links: A Visual Guide […]

Nifty Tricks with the Rule of 72, 71, 70, 69.3, 114, 144 and My Favorites, 1.5 and 1,080,000

If you read my article, Can You Solve this Math Problem, than you know I enjoy math. Numbers have always been my friend, and I have a few to share with you today. So let’s get to it. Rule of 72 Many of you have heard of the Rule of 72, but let’s review just […]

Why You Want Your Investments to Dance Like Elaine Benes, not Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire

A reader (we’ll call him Al since that’s his name) wrote a great comment in response to my article, Asset Allocation for Near and Active Retires, which is part of a longer series on Asset Allocation. Here is Al’s comment: Hi – I don’t know when Ferri wrote his book but my guess is that […]

Can You Solve This Math Problem?

I love stories about people who didn’t give up. Miles Levin is such a story. Stories of perseverance help to motivate us in all aspects of our life, including our financial lives. But how do we teach perseverance to our kids? That was my challenge this weekend when my son was trying to solve a […]