Chess and the Deadly Trap of Debt

Is debt good or bad? There seems to be some debate about this topic. Some, like Dave Ramsey, believe that all debt is bad. Others take a more moderate approach. But the fact is that too much debt or debt with high interest rates can wreck your financial future. Chess has its own form of […]

Chess and the Art of Financial Goals

The objective of chess is to capture your opponent’s king. That sounds easy enough. But as early as the first move, you quickly realize that knowing and understanding the ultimate goal of the game doesn’t help you make your first move. Finances can be the same way. You may have as a goal to save […]

Chess and the Art of Personal Finance

They say that Bobby Fisher could play a game of chess, and one year later, see his opponent on the street and recount the game from memory. Warren Buffett has a phenomenal memory, too, and a mind for numbers that would marvel Deep Blue. So that brings us to the feature articles I have planned […]

Forum to Discuss Metro Dream Homes

A reader posted a comment to my article on How to Know Instantly You’re Being Conned. The comment linked to a discussion thread about Metro Dream Homes, an entity in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area that claims to be able to pay off your mortgage on a new home with a minimal investment. Here is […]

Are Correlation Coefficents Converging Among Previously Disparate Asset Classes (i.e., is diversification dead?)

A reader (Al) recently asked whether the correlation among various asset classes had risen in the last few years: My frustration is that the Ferri data is for the period through 2001. My layman’s guess is that the impact of globalization really hit after 2001. If true, then the correlations are probably much higher since […]

WARNING: Converting an Index Fund to an ETF May Increase Your Wealth

For the young investor, ETF’s can be a real tease. They tempt you with their low costs and tax efficiency, only to whack you with commissions when you go to buy them. For those making small, monthly investments, the commission costs alone put ETFs out of reach. It turns out, though, that ETFs can be […]