Employee Stock Options: You Got to Knooooow When to Hold’em, (When to Hold’em), Know When to Fold’em (When to Fold’em)

. . .know when to walk away, and know when to run (are you singing along?). Ok, fine. Let’s get to the point. This week I read an interesting article at The Simple Dollar. The question was when an employee should sell his or her stock options. The question was raised by a reader of […]

Asset Allocation in Action–Value vs. Growth Mutual Funds

I like good values. Whether I’m buying a car, an investment property or a stock mutual fund, the last thing I want to do is overpay. For this reason, my portfolio is value overweighted. By the way, if the term overweighted is new to you, all it means is that the percentage of my portfolio […]

How To Know Instantly You’re Being Conned–Part 2 (Metro Dream Homes)

This morning I wrote about a real estate deal being offered by Metro Dream Homes. The news came from a Washington Post article by Elizabeth Razzi. Well, she reported again on Metro Dream Homes and its CEO. Apparently, in 2001 Andrew H. Williams consented to a permanent shutdown order for his business due to allegations […]

How To Know Instantly You’re Being Conned

Have I got a deal for you. Instead of paying the list price of $400,000 for that house you want to buy, you’ll pay $450,000. You’ll finance the entire purchase. The seller will give me the extra $50,000, which I’ll invest in one of my many businesses, such as automated teller machines, video advertising and […]

Free E-Book: Serious Money by Richard Ferri

If you’re new here, please check out what my site’s about. I also encourage you to get free Dough Roller updates from my RSS feed or via e-mail. Thanks for stopping by! I came across this free E-book the other day and wanted to pass it on to you. It’s called Serous Money and is […]

How To Buy The Warren Buffett Mutual Fund

A few days ago, Motley Fool published an article entitled, The Warren Buffett Mutual Fund. Now, just to be clear, Warren Buffett runs Berkshire Hathaway, not a mutual fund. But the article pointed out that investing in Berkshire can be difficult, because a single A share of the company will set you back a cool […]