My One Money Advice

I‘ve been tagged, and it isn’t pretty. Cruising through my RSS feed today I noticed that Plonkee Money tagged me with something called a MOMA meme. Naturally, I starting running in circles shouting, “Get it off, get it off!” My family just stared at me, so I sat back down and fired up my good […]

The New Investor’s Toolkit

One of my goals at the Dough Roller is to inform and encourage those who have never invested, are new to investing or have invested without giving it much thought. Recently I wrote about helping a close relative to start investing in her company’s 401(k). In discussing the situation with her, I realized that one […]

Asset Allocation in Action–Should a Diversified Portfolio Include a REIT Mutual Fund?

We discussed REITs in the first part of this series. Now let’s look at why you should consider including them in your portfolio. The main benefit of REITs, in my view, is diversity. REITs are one of the few asset classes that are not highly correlated to the S&P 500. That means that the performance […]

The Greatest Risk to an Investor’s Portfolio is . . .

the investor! With the exception of last Friday, the past few weeks have not been much fun for the equity investor. However, I’ve been alarmed at some PF bloggers and readers who seem to be advocating selling some or all of their investments. Why? Because the mortgage crisis has spooked the market? So what? The […]

Contracts 101: The Big Words Giveth, and the Small Words Taketh Away

Many years ago I was a buyer for a large pharmaceutical company. My boss had worked at the company for many years, and was a man of great experience. As he taught me to negotiate contracts, he constantly reminded me of this one eternal truth–read the fine print. As he put it, “the big words […]

I Just-Got-Laid-Off Survival Kit (including how to find $100k+ job opportunities )

It’s 3 in the afternoon and your boss calls you into her office. You’re being laid off, and it pains her as much as it does you, she says. You get two weeks severance, and you need to pack your office and be out by 5. Have a nice day. So what do you do? […]