10 Stupid Things We Say To Ease The Pain of a Market Meltdown

The market was down last week, as I’m sure you all well know. My portfolio dropped about $25,000. It’s times like these that I reflect on the many stupid things I’ve told myself in the past to lift my spirits during a market meltdown. Mind you, many of these things are true, but are they […]

10 Things I Now Know at 40 That I Wish I Knew at 20

The best thing about being 40 is surviving your 20s and 30s. And at 40, I’m considered an old-timer in the personal finance blogging community. Reflecting back on the past twenty years, I realized that I’ve learned a thing or two that I wish (oh, how I wish) I knew when I was 20. Here […]

Buy Low, Rent Smart, Sell High–The Art of the Lease-Purchase

I recently read a great real estate investing book that I highly recommend. It’s called Buy Low, Rent Smart, Sell High, by Scott Frank and Andy Heller. Before we get to the book, let’s talk about the lease-purchase. Lease-Purchase Strategy A lease-purchase agreement is nothing more than a rental agreement that gives the tenant an […]

Impulse Buying–Letting Our Kids Learn About Money By Making Mistakes

This past weekend my son had to have a video game. All Sunday afternoon he kept clamoring for one of us to take him to EB Games. Eventually we gave in and off we went to the store with his hard earned money. As fate would have it, the game he wanted was not in […]

Beginner’s Guide to Asset Allocation: Actively Managed vs. Index Mutual Funds

Question: Which is better, actively managed mutual funds or passively managed index funds? Answer: Yes. Little else will heat up a discussion among mutual fund investors than the question of whether actively managed mutual funds or index mutual funds are best. This question is not strictly a matter of asset allocation, but it’s such a […]

The Myth of Zero-Down Real Estate Investing

“No Money Down!” You hear this all the time from infomercials and cheesy real estate books trying to convince us that we can make millions in real estate without making a down payment. To good to be true? Of course. I recently bought my fourth single family rental home. Here are the details about the […]