$54 Million And The Pantsless Plaintiff–Whose to Blame?

This is a story about a man seeking a pound of flesh. If you haven’t heard, on Monday a judge threw out a lawsuit seeking $54 million for a pair of pants that a dry cleaners lost. To make matters worse, the pantsless plaintiff is an Administrative Law Judge. Now, in all fairness to him, […]

A Frugal Way to Buy a Mac or iPod

I‘m a Mac addict. And now that Macs use Intel chips and can run Windows, I’ll never buy another PC again. A few months back I bought a 20″ iMac and saved $200. How? I bought a refurbished iMac directly from Apple. It came with the same warranty as a full-priced iMac, was shipped to […]

Stocks vs Bonds

Allocating investments between stocks vs. bonds is one of the most important asset allocation decisions you’ll ever make. Here’s what you need to know. Understanding the differences between stocks vs bonds is critical to asset allocation. The allocation between stocks and bonds is one of the most significant indicators of the risks and rewards of […]

How to Invest Like a Pro

My wife and I had a eye-opening conversation about investing the other day. We were discussing our investments, which I manage. The conversation drifted to how my wife would handle our investments should I die. That’s when things got interesting. The long and short of it is that my wife is simply not comfortable making […]

Making the Most of Morningstar: Determining the Cost of Your Mutual Funds

The Morningstar User’s Guide is a series of articles discussing how to make the best use of the tools, research and analysis available at Morningstar.com. As we saw in the last article covering Morningstar’s Portfolio Manager, the tool provides some basic information about our investments, including the fund name, price, market value and the Morningstar […]

How to Find The Hidden Cost of Mutual Funds

Do you know the real cost of your mutual funds? It’s more than just the expense ratio. We show you how to find all of your mutual fund expenses. I wish mutual fund companies actual sent us a bill each time they charged us. They don’t, of course, and so like The Dark Side of […]