Motivation and Money Tip # 1: Remember the Past

Sometimes motivation to live below our means, pay down debt and invest comes from experiencing some sort of financial crisis. Perhaps we’ve maxed out our credit cards, or lost a home, or filed for bankruptcy. Or maybe we’re just tired of running out of money before we get to the end of the month. For […]

Five Million Easy Steps to Financial Independence

This is one of those good news–bad news situations. Which do you want to hear first? Before we get to that, I was in the bookstore yesterday and noticed that there are a lot of “X steps to Financial Freedom” type books. Here are a few that I saw: 9 Steps to Financial Freedom: Practical […]

1,000 Ideas for Remodeling Your Kitchen

We are in the early stages of a major remodeling of our kitchen. As much as I enjoy our home and improving it, the project has been very stressful and time-consuming, and we haven’t even started construction! I’ll be writing about the process and the cost as we move forward, but today wanted to share […]

What does Financial Freedom Mean to You?

If you have read the About page you know The Dough Roller is about my (and I hope your) journey toward Financial Independence. But what is financial independence or financial freedom as some call it? Are we financially independent when we are debt free, when our portfolio reaches a certain balance, or when we retire? […]