April 2008 in Review (250,000th Visitor Edition!)

April 2008 was another banner month for The Dough Roller in many respects. I’m happy to report that we had our 250,000th visitor to the site. I’m looking forward to the day when we have 250,000 each month! We’ve also added several features to the site, including polls to let you vote and see how others have voted on interesting questions and a rating system so you can rate each post.

We’ve also finally arrived at a tagline for the site, which had been conspicuously absent for several months. After tossing around several ideas, I finally decided on “smarter money management.” This encapsulates my vision for this site, which I hope to fulfill in everything that is published here. And speaking of smarter money management, we generated another sizable contribution to Common Hope. Here are the details, followed by a list of free money offers that I thought I’d add to each month’s review post. Enjoy!

Subscription Stats & Reminder

Readers who subscribe to The Dough Roller via an RSS Reader or email increased in April by over 6%. If you haven’t already, please consider subscribing to The Dough Roller. You can subscribe via an RSS Reader such as the Google Reader, or via email. If you subscribe via email, you will receive an email from Feedburner, the site that handles virtually all subscription services for blogs and websites. You’ll need to click on a link within the email to confirm your subscription. We have about 50 email subscribers that haven’t confirmed their subscription. Sometimes the email gets routed to your junk folder because of the links inside the email, so make sure to look for it so that you can activate your subscription.

Common Hope

Total revenue for the site last month was $1,535, which means we’ll be contributing $770 to Common Hope. Revenue was down a tad from last month, but remember that we track on a cash basis. We actually earned some affiliate income last month that hasn’t been paid yet. This contribution brings our total for the year to $3,850. I still think our goal of $10,000 for the year can be met, but we’ll have to work hard to get there.

Question: I get email each month asking how we generate income from this site. Since The Dough Roller is about smarter money management, I’d be happy to write some articles about how to generate income from blogs and websites. Please let me know if you’d be interested in such a topic by voting below (one of the new features added to the site in April, by the way):


Berkshire Hathaway & Sharebuilder

We once again purchased $500 worth of Berkshire Hathaway in April. Through ShareBuilder, you can buy partial shares of just about any stock with automatic monthly investment plans. Through April 30, 2008 we have invested $1,500. The value is down to $1,465 due to market declines.

Top Referrers

I’d like to give a quick thank you to those blogs that referred the most visitors to The Dough Roller. Here are the top ten:

  1. MSN’s Smart Spending (we are one of their partner blogs–Thanks Donna and Karen!)
  2. Being Frugal
  3. Moolanomy
  4. Paid Twice
  5. My Two Dollars
  6. Gather Little By Little
  7. Cash Money Life
  8. Mrs. Micah
  9. Get Rich Slowly
  10. Single Guy Money

A hearty thank you to all.

Most Popular Articles

Finally, here are the most popular articles from March 2008:

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