Price Protectr: Automate Comparison Shopping with this Free Tool

Did you ever wonder if you were getting the best price for something you buy online? There are a number of tools that will help answer that question, and even watch the Internet for a better deal. Price Protectr is one of those tools, and it’s really easy to use.

Once you find what you want to buy on the Internet, cut and paste the url of product information page (the page where you can add the product to your shopping card) into Price Protectr, and it will monitor the Internet for a better deal. Give Price Protectr your email, and it will send you a note when it finds the product at a better price. It can also track the price on items you’ve already bought, and if the price goes down, you may be able to get some money back if the store you bought from has a 30-day price guarantee. Here’s a screen shot of the entry form:


And to make using this tool really easy, Price Protectr offers a Firefox toolbar that enables you to ‘cut and paste’ the product url into Price protectr with the click of a button. And here’s a short video showing how to use Price Protectr:

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4 Responses to “Price Protectr: Automate Comparison Shopping with this Free Tool”

  1. Shopping Comparison

    You know better than waiting for a site to respond to you, you can go and do comparison shopping by yourself. After all such a site would take time to get back to you.

  2. @Shopping Comparison: Not sure what you mean by your comment. I think you’re right about comparison shopping, but that’s not what they do. Seems to me Price Protectr saves me the time of re-checking each website as prices change. Otherwise I’d have to check each site of each item every day–that doesn’t sound like the way to go.

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