1,000 Ideas for Remodeling Your Kitchen

We are in the early stages of a major remodeling of our kitchen. As much as I enjoy our home and improving it, the project has been very stressful and time-consuming, and we haven’t even started construction! I’ll be writing about the process and the cost as we move forward, but today wanted to share three related sources that have been very helpful in getting ideas for our new kitchen.

The first is from our contractor, The Fisher Group. They are a northern Virginia residential remodeling company that does absolutely spectacular work. We got a lot of great ideas from their website.

The second is the GardenWeb kitchen forum. This kitchen remodel forum has 1000’s of discussion threads covering just about every conceivable question one could have about a kitchen remodel. The forum can be searched, and using the search term “cost” resulted in 535 discussion threads related to everything from the cost of an entire kitchen remodel to the cost of a new sink. Some of these threads discuss ways to save money during a kitchen remodel. Like any forum, some discussion threads are better than others, but we’ve found many answers to our cost and design questions on this forum. You will also see other forums on the main page, including a bath forum, remodeling forum, and appliances forum.

The third great source is the Finished Kitchen Blog. This blog contains hundreds of pictures of finished kitchens. The pictures are organized by the username of the person posting the pictures, or by category. The category listing can be very helpful. For example, we have a U-shaped kitchen, and the categories search allows us to look at pictures of other U-shaped kitchens. A picture is worth a 1,000 words, and the pictures at the Finished Kitchen Blog are worth your time if you are contemplating a kitchen remodel.

Published or Updated: March 22, 2012
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