The Dough Roller Money Podcast

This podcast started from a simple idea–people want to learn how to manage their money more effectively. What started from nothing has grown into a podcast with 75,000 downloads a month. I’m humbled.

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    • Stephanie Colestock
      Stephanie Colestock

      Head over to to be directed to the page. Just click “join group” and we will accept your request. It’s a wonderful resource and everyone in there is a wealth of knowledge. Hope to see you in the group!


  1. We are in the process of switching our 12 employees & ourselves from Edward Jones to Vanguard. Returns have not been good for 7 years. He hasn’t taught me a thing. I took it upon myself to learn & your podcast confirmed all my beliefs. He consistently skirted around my direct questions. Episode 234 confirmed everything I thought I knew. I listen to several money podcasts. That was the most understandable, thorough explanation I’ve ever heard. BRAVO! This is the first time I’ve ever left a post for a podcast! So excited! Thank you so much!!

    • Stephanie Colestock
      Stephanie Colestock

      So glad you enjoyed the podcast, Shayla, and hope you’ll stick around for more! Let us know if you ever have any specific questions for which you can’t find an answer.

      Best, Stephanie

  2. Bey Melamed

    1. Thanks for the wonderful (podcast 179). 2. Clicked download (and subsequent links) but could not figure out how to copy the spreadsheet and create my own. 3. I got some idea(s) about improving the spreadsheet – for example… “create your own indicator” for evaluating a stock

  3. Good work on your latest podcast on personal responsibility. I know you will no doubt get your haters who will very strongly disagree with you. But for what it’s worth, I couldn’t agree with you more!

  4. John Quirke

    Is there something wrong with the podcast? I downloaded this to my android and I have just listened to it onlne. Both times around 1hour 7 to 1hour 8 minutes and just before it ends there is some weird buzzing over the voice? Is this something I am doing?


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